our spa lodge


Another benefit for the members and golf visitors of Kilnwick Percy, is the Tranquillity Spa, located in the spa lodge opposite the clubhouse. The ultimate place to relax on the resort with a range of treatments available to make sure you are completely pain free before or after your next round.

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This could be what your golf game is missing!

It's no secret that the best golfers in the world regularly use massages as a key part of their game.

At our on-site Tranquility Spa, we have a wide range of services on offer to help relieve tension and everyday aches and pains. Or maybe you want to provide your skin with some tender loving care after a tough day in the elements with our famous skin and beauty treatments.

For further relaxation, unwind in our fabulous Nordic Spa which includes a massaging hot tub, swimming spa treadmill plus two-barrel saunas, all located in a picturesque woodland setting.